Reincaratio Part 10: When Duty Calls

Yet again I have disappeared and resurfaced…but I come bearing gifts! Reincarnatio Part 10: When Duty Calls

She doesn’t, and she won’t.” Tayrn said, leading the sidmuens out from the forest.

“Who are you?” Samlin asked as the soldiers behind him drew their swords yet again.

“That’s hardly any of your business.” Tayrn said. He looked to Ronais, then to the dead monster near her feet. “We’re leaving now. Let’s go.” Ronais re-sheathed her sword.

Samlin stepped forward, “You don’t understand. Those things they’re…they’re called Kufata. They’ve taken over the Northern forest.” Samlin ran a hand through his hair. “They can only be killed by…special…people. People like you, Ronais. You have to come with us. To save everyone…we have to travel to Mount Wani and see the Witch of the Mountain, Lady Ranas. We need to find a way to kill the Kufata and keep all of the kingdoms safe. They’ll move from our forests to others, and eventually into the villages, killing everyone. Please, as a Prince I have a duty to protect the elven people, and I need your help to do that. Please.” Samlin begged.

Ronais looked down at the Kufata. It stunk of rotting flesh and blood. She nodded. “I am Princess Ronais of the Western Kingdom of the Four Elven Kingdoms. I understand your duties, for I have the same. I will agree to go with you. However, I don’t have any clothes or supplies with me. Would you mind waiting for me to travel back to my castle and retrieve traveling supplies?”

Samlin nodded. “Of course. We will wait here until just before sundown, and if you are not back by then, we will move on.”

Ronais nodded and began walking towards Tayrn and the sidmuens. “This is a bad idea.” Tayrn whispered.

“I don’t care.” Ronais said as she grabbed her sidmuen’s reigns from Tayrn. She jumped into her saddle and waited as Tayrn climbed into his. They turned and headed off into the forest, back towards the castle.

They rode in silence for a while. “Ronais, I really think that you should reconsider.” Tayrn said, breaking the uncomfortable silence that had been lingering since they left the men in the clearing.

“Keep those thoughts to yourself, Tayrn.” Ronais said.

“Why are you even doing this?” Tayrn asked, edging his sidmuen closer to Ronais’.

“Because…I don’t know. I feel like there’s something just…pulling me towards Mount Wani. Some sort of…tie.” Ronais replied.

“That seems-” A shriek came from the field.

“It’s one of those things.” Ronais said, turning her sidmuen around.

“Ronais, leave them.” Tayrn said, grabbing her arm.

Ronais looked at Tayrn, the fierce glow back in her eyes. “I can’t.” She said, and pulled free from Tayrn’s grip. She kicked her sidmuen into a run and headed towards the sound of swords and beasts.


Reincarnatio Part 9: Training With Beasts and Men

Oh, my goodness, here it finally is my dear Reader! Reincarnatio has returned. Why have we been gone so long? Well, we’ve been busy with our life and have a computer that fancies not working for days on end. Alas, here we are, and we missed you, my friend! Take in the joys now of Reincarnatio Part 9: Training With Beasts and Men.

Tayrn slowed his sidmuen next to Ronais’ and jumped off. “This is to be the arena today?” He asked.
Ronais nodded and set her pack on the boulder that lay in the middle of the small clearing. She pulled out a belt with a sheath and sword. She clipped it around her hips and took the one-handed blade out of it’s covering, looking at it carefully.
“Is it still sharp?” Tayrn asked.
“Yes.” Ronais replied. She had suddenly changed from giddy to quiet and serious. She reached into her pack once more and pulled out a bow and a sack of arrows. She pulled the sack diagonally to rest across her back with the strap across her front. She slung her bow over her shoulder and turned to face a tree across the tiny field.
“Can you do it by yourself?” Tayrn asked, watching as Ronais put an arrow into her bow and pulled back. She let the arrow fly, and it struck the center of a circle that had been drawn with charcoal on the tree. Tayrn smiled as Ronais walked across the field to retrieve her arrow.
Voices sounded through the forest and Ronais ducked behind the tree. Tayrn took the sidmuen into the trees on the other side of the clearing to keep them out of sight of the approaching strangers. Sirnet grabbed Ronais’ pack in his teeth and jumped behind the rock.
The voices slowly moved into the field and Ronais quietly turned to look out from behind the tree. Her hair lightly blew in the breeze, and her eyes shone fiercely as she watched the soldiers walk through the field. A sudden feeling of bravery and need enveloped her and, before she had understood what she was doing, she had stepped out from behind the tree and stood in front of the soldier who had been leading the others. “What are you doing in this forest?” She asked. Her face was brave, but her courage was wavering as the soldiers pulled out their swords.
The man she was standing in front of placed the tip of his sword at her throat. A young man stepped forward and put a hand on the soldier’s arm. The soldier lowered his sword and, with a nod from the young man, put it back in its sheath. “You’re from the Northern Kingdom.” Ronais said as she examined the soldier’s uniform.
“We are.” The young man said, crossing his arms in front of him. “I am Prince Samlin, of the Northern Kingdom. Since you are in these woods and questioning our intent, I assume that you are from the Western Kingdom. However, I do not know who exactly you are.”
Ronais’ heart pounded heavily in her chest. This guy…why do I feel like this? “I am Ronais, of the Western Kingdom.” Samlin’s eyes grew large, but he kept his composure except in the tightening of his hands on his biceps. Ronais placed her hand on the hilt of her sword and looked at Samlin. “Now, I do believe I asked why you and your men are in my forest.” She said. Sirnet growled from behind the rock and Ronais whistled for him. He bounded from the rock to Ronais’ side, growling at the darkness of the forest next to them. The men slightly drew out their swords. “He is mine, and if you harm him we may have more of a problem than you invading my land.” She said, glaring at the men. “Now, answer my question.” Ronais said to Samlin.
Samlin opened his mouth to respond but was cut off by a shrill cry that filled the air. Ronais quickly loaded an arrow into her bow and looked at Samlin who now had his sword drawn. A monster with rotting flesh and sharp claws and teeth ran from the forest and aimed it’s large lion-like body at the group. Ronais lifted her bow and pulled back, then fired at the beast. It hit it in the leg and it fell to the ground, still slowly moving towards her and Samlin. She ran towards it. “No, don’t!” Samlin yelled to her. She ignored him and jumped into the air above the monster and drew her sword. She swung down and landed on the rotting beast, bringing the sword down into it’s skull. The creature fell to the ground and blood pooled around it. The monster was dead.
Samlin stared at Ronais, awe-struck. “Only Peura Menta can…” He looked her up and down, then motioned for someone to examine the Kufata.
“It’s dead!” the soldier called back to Samlin. “Clean strike, and down she went.”
Samlin looked back at his men. Hagin nodded to him, and Samlin turned back to Ronais. “You have to come with us.” h

e said.

Reincarnatio Part 8; Forest Journies

And we’re back! Let’s move on so you can read about these ‘Forest Journies’, yes? Here you are: Reincarnatio Part 8; Forest Journies.

Ronais quickly dressed herself in her dark green riding clothes and boots, and left her room. “Come on, Sirnet! We’re going to be late!” She said, walking down the castle’s twisting marble staircase. Sirnet barked and raced down the stairs. He was waiting for Ronais at the bottom, wagging his tail “Yeah, you only won because you’re a wolf. That wasn’t even a real race, you dork.” Ronais said, petting Sirnet’s head.
Ronais walked out into the castle’s green courtyard and towards the stables that rested on the other side. “I’m excited.” Ronais said to Sirnet, a slight smile on her face. Sirnet barked and jumped around her as she walked towards the sidmuen stables. “I know, I feel like I haven’t been riding in a while, either.”

As they entered the stables, Tayrn stood leaning against a stall, both his and Ronais’ sidmuen saddled and ready for their ride. “Tayrn, you got everything ready?” Ronais asked.

Tayrn pushed himself up off the wall and smiled at Ronais “Of course. Have you brought everything you need?” He asked.

“Yes. I always do.” she replied, lifting herself into the saddle of her sidmuen. She turned the animal towards the exit of the stable and burst forward. Tayrn smiled and jumped onto his own sidmuen. He raced after Ronais and Sirnet as they sped out into the forest.


Samlin watched as the sun rose over Mount Wani. Hagin and his fellow soldiers were riding ahead of him, and he was glad. He had taken control and left with them. I told you that you couldn’t stop me, Manicask, and look where I am now. Riding with the soldiers. He thought. There was three days of riding ahead of them, and one day until they reached the Western Kingdom’s forest, where the Kufata hadn’t entirely taken control yet. Samlin was eager to reach Lady Raz and learn more about stopping the Great Evil’s plague. He rode forward, the hours moving quickly along as they neared the Western Kingdom’s forest and finally entered the woods with no incident.


Reincarnatio Part 7: Like a Town Only Bigger

Alright, well that was interesting. Two new characters? Well geez, we should start a tally. So, so far we have Samlin, Ronais, Belen, Tayrn, Rochelle, Belina, Sirnet…that’s it right? Shall we see what happens next, my dear Reader?  Yes, well, here it is then; Reincarnatio Part 7: Like a Town Only Bigger.

You’ve got to be kidding me!” Ronais said to her maid, standing in front of her holding a flowing gown of light blue silk. “I’m sorry, Tatyana, but I was hoping to be able to wear my green dress to this tea-party.” Ronais ran a hand through her hair and looked over at the white wolf that was laying on her bed. “Apparently, though, Sirnet decided that he wanted it for his afternoon snack. Bad boy!” She said, scorning her pet.
“I’m sorry, Your Highness.” The blonde-haired elf maiden said, bowing to Ronais.
“Oh, please, don’t be!” Ronais said, turning her kind gaze to the maid. “There’s no need to be. I will deal with this dress. Thank you so much for delivering it to me from the laundry.” Ronais said, smiling gracefully.
“It was my pleasure, Your Highness.” the maid replied, smiling back at Ronais.

Ronais sat down on her bed and pet Sirnet’s white head. “I had a weird dream last night, Tatyana…” She said.

“What was it?” Tatyana asked.

“You can sit down, Tatyana.” Ronais said.

Tatyana sat on the chair next to the open window. “Your Highness, I’m curious about this dream.” Tatyana said.

“Well, it took place in a dark…city.” Ronais said, looking up at Tatyana.

“A…city?” Tatyana asked, looking confused.

“I think…it’s like a town, but larger. The buildings were as tall as the moon-holder tower in the courtyard.” Ronais explained. “Anyways, it was very cold, and I could feel it deep in my bones. There were two girls, one had red hair and freckles and the other had brown hair. They were walking on opposite sides of the city. The red haired girl was very…sad. She was very cold and was wearing weird clothes. Pants, even! She was wearing pants!” Ronais said.

“Pants? On a…on a girl?” Tatyana asked.

Ronais nodded. “The brown-haired girl was wearing pants as well. She wasn’t sad, though. She was wearing a cloak, but it went all the way around her, like a shirt.”

“How odd!” Tatyana exclaimed.

“I know.” Ronais said. “She had a dagger, as well. It had a golden tiger on it. Then there was a scream. No…it was more like a shriek. It made my flesh bump and my back shiver. It was one of the most dreadful sounds I’ve ever heard. The two girls heard it as well and began running towards the place that it came from…then I woke up.” Ronais said.
“That is a very weird dream indeed, Your Highness. I shall speak to the magistrate and see if he would come and analyze it.” Tatyana said, standing. “For now, though, you must prepare for the Queen’s tea-party.”

Ronais shook her head. “That dream has left me with an odd feeling in my heart and head, so I would like to go on a ride before the party begins.” She said, looking from Tatyana to Sirnet. “So please ready my riding attire.”
“But…Your Highness, I don’t think that is…a wise choice.” The maid answered, watching the princess with wide eyes. “Your mother the Queen said to begin preparations now so that you will be fully ready when the tea-party begins.”
“Well, my mother is unaware that not everyone takes five hours to get ready. So, perhaps, you can do as I’ve asked and get me my riding attire.” Ronais said.

The maid looked down at the dress she held in her hands. “Of course, Your Highness.” she said, leaving Ronais’s room.
Ronais sighed and threw herself back on her bed. “I just want to ride out into the world and never come back.” she said, putting her hands over her face.
“That wouldn’t be a very good idea, Ronais.” Tayrn said from the open window.

“You don’t understand, Tayrn. I’m trapped…like a pet in a cage, forced to do what I’m told. I don’t like this…” she said, turning her head to face Tayrn’s smiling one.

“Ro…you’re too beautiful to be sad.” He said, leaning in the window, his eyes reflecting a smile.

“Don’t flatter me.” Ronais said, a smile spreading on her face regardless.
Tayrn smiled back. “Are you going for a ride, Your Highness?” He asked.
“Why, yes I am.” She replied. “And I suppose that I will be in need of an escort. Would you mind accompanying a young princess on her evening ride?”

“Of course.” He said. “I would be honored.”
“Then ready yourself, sir. I shall meet you at the stables in one hour.” Ronais said. Tayrn nodded and pushed himself back from the window, landing on the ground a dozen feet below without a sound. Ronais smiled to herself and laid back on her bad. “We have a riding companion, Sirnet.” She said, petting the white wolf that lay next to her on the bed. Sirnet wagged his tail and leaped up, licking Ronais in the face. Ronais giggled and covered her face “Keep your slobber to yourself!” she said, still giggling.


Reincarnatio Part 6: Screams in the Darkness

So, why is everyone going to sleep? Well, dear Reader, even our characters need sleep too. So they sleep, and we watch the world while they do. We are their eyes while they sleep. I mean, it’s the least we can do for them, right? Well, let’s see how our Reincarnatio is doing now, yes? Here you go, friend; Reincarnatio Part 6: Screams in the Darkness.

A cold breeze chilled the entire city to its bones and made two girls walking the city streets shiver.


I should have brought my jacket…” Belén muttered, hugging herself and rubbing her arms to help warm her up. “Yeah, a jacket would be nice. Well damn it.” She muttered again. Belén picked up her pace in order to arrive at her destination and be rid of the cold.
Belén, dressed to show off her body in a plain white spaghetti strap and jeans, examined the damage done by the wind to her short red hair in a shop window. “Well, it could be better.” She said to herself, looking into her light brown eyes and frowning. The freckles stood out in contrast to her hair, and the red-head hated it. “Should have worn a hat…but what good would that have done.” She frowned and walked on.


The same breeze made Rochelle shiver and push her hands deeper into her jacket pocket. “Ooh, that was a good one.” She said, smiling. “Good thing I wore my jacket!” She laughed. The girl would be a sight for sore eyes, if she wasn’t trying to hide her body with a jacket three sizes too big with the hood pulled up to hide her light brown hair and kind blue-green eyes. Her jeans seemed to be the only thing she wore that fit, but even those were partially hidden beneath the oversized jacket.
Rochelle stopped and pulled a hand out of her pocket and examined it. Inside was a small knife with a golden design of a tiger on the handle that she had bought seconds ago at the pawn shop. “What a stupid thing to waste money on…” she whispered and continued walking.


A scream bounced off the buildings of the city, and made its way to the girl’s ears. Both girls lifted their heads and their eyes revealed a fierce glow. They ran from opposite sides of the city towards the scream, not knowing what they’d find or what they planned to do. They were drawn towards the scream as their pure hearts beat loudly.


Reincarnatio Part 5: The Hot One

Oh, and here we are again! I’m so excited to see you again, my dear Reader. Reincarnatio is just bouncing with joy at seeing your lovely, smiling face! So, take a seat and let’s look at the next Part, shall we? And here it is, Reincarnatio Part 5: The Hot One.

A strong wind blew the trees, causing an eerie moaning and cracking to fill the air. Clouds loomed in the sky, gray and untouchable except for a lone volcano that pierced them. The green forest stopped at the bottom of the volcano and was replaced by grim black stone that climbed up towards the clouds, sharply jutting out from the volcano. Steam seeped from the black rock and flowed from a cave near the top of the volcano.

Crazed laughter rose in the air around the cave, circling the volcano and mixing in with the steam and clouds. “Go, Nelson, go!” Belina laughed at the mossy green rock that she had just pushed down the cave and deeper into the volcano. The rock bounced on the shiny black ground, and rolled into a pool of lava that flowed from a crack in the wall. “Oh no, Nelson!” Belina yelled as she ran towards the lava pool. She skidded to a stop before her feet were buried in the molten liquid, her bearskin dress hugging tight to the curves of her body, and coming short on her thighs.

“Nelson, don’t play in the lava! Now is not the time, I hear a rumbling and I feel a storm coming. So then, Nelson, you know we have to sleep now.” She said, reaching into the lava, pulling the green and now-burnt rock out of the popping, molten liquid. Belina hugged the large rock to her chest and began walking towards a pile of dry orange-brown leaves and twigs in a small corner in the cave. She set the rock down next to the pile of foliage, “A fire to keep us warm through the night?” Belina asked the rock. “Of course we can have one, Nelson!” She knelt down and touched a leaf, causing sparks of fire to escape her finger tips and consume the leaf. Belina set the burning leaf down on the pile and the flame raced across the rest of the leaves and branches, creating a large orange-yellow fire that lit up Belina’s smiling face, matted red hair and blazing yellow eyes.

“How’s that, Nelson?” She asked, stepping into the fire. “I think it’ll do just fine.” she said, laying down on the burning pile. She reached out and pulled Nelson to her, humming a lullaby as she did so. “Now is sleep time.” she said, hugging Nelson tight to her chest, a smile spreading wide across her face. “Dream sweet, Nelson.” she said, her eyes fluttering shut.


Ronais lay in her bed, Sirnet cuddled next to her. She smiled and closed her eyes, drifting off into the realm of deep sleep.