Reincarnatio Part 3: To Save a Kingdom

Alright, my dear Reader. I leave you waiting no more. I believe you are eager to discover what’s going on with the monsters? I am, too. Let’s read on, then, and don’t forget to tell me what you think, yeah? Reincarnatio Part 3: To Save a Kingdom. Enjoy!

Samlin rushed down the ivory halls of the castle, his breathing heavy and his heart beat quick in his chest. He was still wearing his riding clothes and had his sword sheathed at his hip. Doors passed by him, but he hardly noticed. He had one goal in mind; he had to see Manicask. He was Samlin’s teacher, and the wisest man in the kingdom. If he couldn’t tell Samlin what the monster was, then no one could.

The castle’s library door was down the hall, and Samlin was impatient to reach it. He quickened his pace and began jogging until he eventually began to run. The library’s door was open and Samlin ran through it and into the library, stopping in front of Manicask’s desk, where he sat reading over his latest research project.
“Samlin, what is the matter?” Manicask asked, setting aside his book and pulling off his glasses. Samlin bent over in front of Manicask’s desk, panting.

“Our ride today…mine and Milsen’s…we were chased out of the…the forest by a…a thing…a monster…” Samlin said between breaths.

“A monster?” Manicask asked, looking at Samlin. A worried expression spread across his face, mixing with curiosity. “What did this creature look like?” He asked.

Samlin shook his head and stood up. “It had the body of a lion and the head of a large wolf.” he said.
“And the flesh? The teeth and claws?” Samlin shook his head. “Tell me, child.” Manicask said, folding his hands on his desk.
“It had large teeth, so large that it’s mouth couldn’t shut. The claws were huge, too, and its flesh was rotting. The eyes, too Manicask…they glowed…red.” Samlin said, slightly shivering.
Manicask’s face fell, fear shining in his eyes. “My boy, the creature you have described is a Kufata…they are creatures of legend. It is said that they are made of darkness, which is why they cannot touch the light. Only the Peura Menta, or pure of heart, can kill them…though it is said that all of the Peura Menta died of thousands of years ago.”

“Why have these…Kufata…emerged again, then?” Samlin asked, running a hand through his hair. “Has someone called them out?” he asked.
Manicask shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know for sure, but that is really the only plausible explanation. They feed on darkness and evil. I have felt a great evil growing in these lands for a while now, but I wasn’t sure. This proves my suspicions, however. These beasts are being created by the Great Evil that is ravishing the land, and it must be stopped.”

“How do we stop it?” Samlin asked.

“We need Peura Menta, but they are all gone.” Manicask sat down in his chair, tapped the book he had been reading, and closed his eyes. “There is one…she lives at the bottom of Mount Wani. Lady Raz, she is called. She may be able to help.”
“I’ll go to her.” Samlin said, standing up straighter and resting a hand on his sword.
“No, Samlin. It’s too dangerous. I will call for a handful of trusted soldiers to go and retrieve Lady Raz and bring her here.” Manicask said.
“But, Manicask, I’m grown. I can do this.” Samlin said, putting his hands on the desk and leaning forward towards Manicask.
“No, Samlin, and that is final. You have no option in this matter. I will collect the men and have them sent off at the first light of day.” With that, Manicask pulled his book to him and replaced his glasses. His long white hair fell down around him, covering his shoulders and resting on the desk.

Samlin’s jaw tightened, but his appearance remained calm. He turned and left the library. I’ll go. He thought to himself as he walked back down the hall. I’ll go and save my kingdom, and no one can stop me. Not even you, Manicask.


And here comes Part 2!

You’re going to be meeting some very interesting characters today, my friend. Are you ready for this one? Because I certainly am.

This is Part 2 of our friend Reincarnatio and I’m really excited for you to read it. I know it’s different characters, but I promise it’s the same story.

Alright,brief sayings here: I said before that this would be weekly, but I figure I might start at a faster pace so as not to bore you.

Leave a comment and let me know what you’re thinking about Reincarnatio so far, because I want to hear from you too, my dear Reader.

Now, I won’t give anything away about this one. The fun is in the reading and discovering. So, meet our new characters, Reader, and drink in the story.

Hurry up, Samlin! The river’s just up ahead! Can’t you go any faster?” A young elf boy yelled from the saddle of a bright white creature that loosely resembled an elk. A muscular teenage elf rode towards the young boy on a creature of his own, his short brown hair blowing back in the wind created from his speed. His icy blue eyes were focused on the young elf as he urged his creature forward.

He came up to the side of the young boy and pulled back on his creature’s reigns to stop, sending a cloud of dust and leaves into the air. “You only beat me because you left before I was even on my sidmuen.” Samlin said, reaching up to run a hand through his hair.

“Make all the excuses you want, I still beat you.” The young elf said, laughing.

Samlin nudged his sidmuen closer to the boy’s and playfully shoved him. “How about the first one to the stream gets cake from the kitchen when we get back? No cheating this time, though, Milsen!”

“You’re on!” Milsen replied, kicking his sidmuen and urging the elegant white beast forward.

Samlin laughed and followed Milsen, racing through the trees on his sidmuen. The trees seemed to fly by in a blur, and a smile spread across Samlin’s face as the wind brushed his golden-brown hair out of his face.

“Who’s slow now?” He called out to Milsen as he passed him, the stream growing closer and closer as Samlin nudged his sidmuen to go faster. After a few more minutes of riding, the stream finally appeared at Samlin’s feet, and he reigned in his sidmuen. Samlin drew his legs over the beast’s back and slid clumsily to the ground.

Milsen burst out of the trees, and jumped off of his sidmuen as it was trotting towards Samlin. Milsen landed with a dull thud and started walking towards Samlin. “You cheated!” He yelled.

“No I didn’t, Milsen. I was just faster than you.” Samlin said, leading his sidmuen to the sparkling stream to drink.

“Not earlier! You were slower! What did you do? How are you faster now?” Milsen asked, leading his own sidmuen to the stream.

“It’s a secret, Milsen. Maybe if you ask Sandon here, she’ll tell you.” Samlin replied, patting his sidmuen’s white side.

“That’s not fair, Samlin! Come on! Tell me!” Milsen said.

Samlin laughed and shook his head. “Alright, little brother, I’ll tell you after we get back and you sneak into the kitchen to get me my cake. How does that sound?”

“Yes! Let’s go!” Milsen said, pulling himself eagerly onto his drinking sidmuen’s back. His brown hair was blown back by the wind and a smile lit up his face and striking green eyes. “Hurry up, Samlin. Get on Sandon and let’s go!”

Samlin motioned towards the lush green forest that surrounded him and Milsen. “We just got here, don’t you think we could rest a little while and enjoy the scenery?” Samlin asked. A sudden screech echoed through the woods, carried by the blowing wind. Samlin froze and looked up at Milsen. All of his breath left his lungs as if trying to run from the blood-curling noise. “We need to leave. Now.” Samlin called to Milsen.

Milsen gripped his reins tightly, his knuckles turning white. “What was that?” he asked. Samlin nodded towards the woods where he and Milsen had just come from. Milsen turned his sidmuen towards the path, and looked back at Samlin. Leaves rustled in the breeze and everything grew silent. Samlin reached for his sword, which hung in its sheath at his hip. His fingers tightly gripped the sword’s hilt. A screech bounced violently through the trees again, and Samlin pulled out his sword, holding it in front of him. Milsen watched Samlin, waiting for the okay to leave the horrible woods.

The shrill cry grew deeper, and was joined by a second higher pitched sound. A scream erupted from the trees, and Samlin’s eyes started pooling with tears of fear. Don’t be a baby, Samlin. He said to himself. The scream died off with a gurgling, and Samlin’s heart jumped into his throat. Forget this. Just leave. I can’t be a hero. Samlin ran over to his sidmuen and jumped onto her back, digging his heels tightly into her sides and urging her forward into the now-ominous woods. He sped behind Milsen through the trees, their branches clawing at him, creating cuts on his face and arms. An inhuman shriek erupted behind them, and Samlin’s heart beat faster in his chest.

The castle loomed over the treetops and Samlin could see the break in the trees. He kicked his sidmuen into a faster pace, tears flying from his eyes into the air behind him. He heard panting and the thud of heavy footsteps running behind him. Don’t look back, don’t look back… Samlin repeated to himself. His head turned, and he saw the thing chasing him and Milsen, and the thing that had let out the screech and shriek that had chilled Samlin to the bone.
Samlin’s heart stopped. The thing chasing him and Milsen was a monster. It’s eyes were red and blood shot, and it’s mouth was filled with teeth so long and sharp that it couldn’t fully close, causing blood and saliva to drip off of them and fly behind it, matting into it’s spots of fur and flesh. It had the body of a lion, torn apart by some inward force. The skin was rotting, causing the smell of dead flesh to fill Samlin’s nose. Blood oozed from it’s eyes and mouth, assuring that it was alive despite the rot. Random blotches of fur spotted it’s body and head, falling off as it ran, floating and swirling in the wind.

It snarled at Samlin and snapped it’s deadly teeth at the rear legs of his sidmuen. Samlin turned forward, and kicked his sidmuen’s sides, again urging her to go faster. He passed through the break in the trees and the sunlight warmed him and bathed him in light. The creature shrieked at Samlin. He looked back and saw the monster at the edge of the woods, calling to him with screams of anger. “It can’t go into the light…” Samlin whispered, stopping his sidmuen and turning to face the monster stuck in the dark. It threw its body against the trees and dug at the ground with claws almost as ferocious as its teeth. An ominous howl escaped its lips and Samlin shuddered. He turned back towards the castle and to Milsen, who was sitting on his sidmuen a feet few ahead of Samlin, watching the beast with wide eyes. “Let’s get back to the castle.” Samlin said, walking his sidmuen towards the large marble tower that reached towards the sky, gleaming in the sun. Milsen slowly nodded and followed Samlin towards the castle.


Reincarnatio: Part 1

Okay, So here’s some background on this part: It starts off setting the scene for a romantic story. Well, don’t be fooled. This story is not about romance. Although, as with most stories, romance will be present, it’s not the main focus, and that’s not what I’m trying to set you guys up for. I’m introducing characters to you. So here it is; my way of saying “Reader, this is character.” I hope you like what you read.


Chapter 1

Setting over the Southern elven kingdom, the sun illuminated the wooden houses encircling the marble castle with purple, red and orange light. The elven Princess Ronais stood on her balcony, watching the stars emerge and snuggle themselves into the black of the night sky. A cold breeze blew through her wavy brown hair, making her pull her shawl tighter around her. She shivered, but couldn’t bring herself to go back into her room. She continued gazing up at the stars until the moon came out and rested in the crescent crook top of the moon-holder tower, illuminating Ronais’ face with soft, pure light. A smile lightened her face even more and reflected in her beautiful gray eyes, twinkling with the stars. The tips of her ears were becoming numb, causing the elvish points to turn a slight red to match her cheeks. She shivered again as she traced patterns between the stars.

“Ronais, what are you doing out here?” Tayrn asked as he looked up at Ronais, standing on the balcony, shivering.

Ronais hugged her blanket closer to herself “I was looking at the stars.” She looked down at Tayrn, the smile still on her face.

Tayrn smiled up at her, and Ronais’s smile brightened. Tayrn’s elvish-pointed ears poked out of his shaggy black hair. They were turning the same color as Ronais’s. His deep green eyes looked at Ronais’s face, taking in the flushed pink. “May I join you?” he asked.

“Of course.” Ronais replied. Tayrn began climbing up the vines that ran up the side of the balcony. Ronais turned her eyes back up to the stars, again drinking in their beauty and light. “I often think,” Ronais said, her lips forming words into steam. “That the stars were not only put in the sky as guides for traveling, but also for life. I believe that if everyone stopped and looked up at the sky every night, everything and everyone would be much different.” She looked away from the heavens and to Tayrn.

“Huh. After growing up with you all these years, I still didn’t know you thought that.” Tayrn said, resting his hand lightly on the hilt of the sword that was sheathed at his hip. “The stars seem remote to me. A cold and distant being that has no interest in the way things work down here. They’re too far away to care.”

Ronais nodded her head. “I can see why you would think that. Especially on a night as cold as this. I should probably go back inside before I freeze to death.” she said.

Tayrn bowed and looked up at Ronais. “Then, my princess, I should be off as well before we share the same fate.” Tayrn reached out and took Ronais’s hand, kissing it gently. Ronais blushed, but the shade of red she already glowed covered it up. Tayrn turned and leaped onto the railing of Ronais’s balcony. He looked back over his shoulder at Ronais, a smile glowing on his face. “Goodnight, Ronais. Dream sweet.”

Ro watched Tayrn jump to the ground from the balcony “Same to you, Tayrn.” She replied. Ronais smiled slightly and walked to the door that led to her chambers.

Reincarnatio: Introduction

So, let me begin with letting you know what I plan on doing. I am currently writing a story and want to share it with you. Not only do I want to share it with you, but I want you to be a part of my writing process. I want you to feel it as I feel it. See it as I see it. Taste it, smell it…everything. I want you to know it. So, let the introductions commence. Reincarnatio, this is the Reader. Reader, this is Reincarnatio. Now, I hope you two learn to love and care for each other as I do. Now, shall we begin with the storytelling? Well, not immediately. Lets see how many of you are actually interested in seeing this happen, shall we? A few days and you shall have your first bit. Don’t worry, my dear friend, I have lots to share.