Reincarnatio: Introduction

So, let me begin with letting you know what I plan on doing. I am currently writing a story and want to share it with you. Not only do I want to share it with you, but I want you to be a part of my writing process. I want you to feel it as I feel it. See it as I see it. Taste it, smell it…everything. I want you to know it. So, let the introductions commence. Reincarnatio, this is the Reader. Reader, this is Reincarnatio. Now, I hope you two learn to love and care for each other as I do. Now, shall we begin with the storytelling? Well, not immediately. Lets see how many of you are actually interested in seeing this happen, shall we? A few days and you shall have your first bit. Don’t worry, my dear friend, I have lots to share.


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