Reincarnatio: Part 1

Okay, So here’s some background on this part: It starts off setting the scene for a romantic story. Well, don’t be fooled. This story is not about romance. Although, as with most stories, romance will be present, it’s not the main focus, and that’s not what I’m trying to set you guys up for. I’m introducing characters to you. So here it is; my way of saying “Reader, this is character.” I hope you like what you read.


Chapter 1

Setting over the Southern elven kingdom, the sun illuminated the wooden houses encircling the marble castle with purple, red and orange light. The elven Princess Ronais stood on her balcony, watching the stars emerge and snuggle themselves into the black of the night sky. A cold breeze blew through her wavy brown hair, making her pull her shawl tighter around her. She shivered, but couldn’t bring herself to go back into her room. She continued gazing up at the stars until the moon came out and rested in the crescent crook top of the moon-holder tower, illuminating Ronais’ face with soft, pure light. A smile lightened her face even more and reflected in her beautiful gray eyes, twinkling with the stars. The tips of her ears were becoming numb, causing the elvish points to turn a slight red to match her cheeks. She shivered again as she traced patterns between the stars.

“Ronais, what are you doing out here?” Tayrn asked as he looked up at Ronais, standing on the balcony, shivering.

Ronais hugged her blanket closer to herself “I was looking at the stars.” She looked down at Tayrn, the smile still on her face.

Tayrn smiled up at her, and Ronais’s smile brightened. Tayrn’s elvish-pointed ears poked out of his shaggy black hair. They were turning the same color as Ronais’s. His deep green eyes looked at Ronais’s face, taking in the flushed pink. “May I join you?” he asked.

“Of course.” Ronais replied. Tayrn began climbing up the vines that ran up the side of the balcony. Ronais turned her eyes back up to the stars, again drinking in their beauty and light. “I often think,” Ronais said, her lips forming words into steam. “That the stars were not only put in the sky as guides for traveling, but also for life. I believe that if everyone stopped and looked up at the sky every night, everything and everyone would be much different.” She looked away from the heavens and to Tayrn.

“Huh. After growing up with you all these years, I still didn’t know you thought that.” Tayrn said, resting his hand lightly on the hilt of the sword that was sheathed at his hip. “The stars seem remote to me. A cold and distant being that has no interest in the way things work down here. They’re too far away to care.”

Ronais nodded her head. “I can see why you would think that. Especially on a night as cold as this. I should probably go back inside before I freeze to death.” she said.

Tayrn bowed and looked up at Ronais. “Then, my princess, I should be off as well before we share the same fate.” Tayrn reached out and took Ronais’s hand, kissing it gently. Ronais blushed, but the shade of red she already glowed covered it up. Tayrn turned and leaped onto the railing of Ronais’s balcony. He looked back over his shoulder at Ronais, a smile glowing on his face. “Goodnight, Ronais. Dream sweet.”

Ro watched Tayrn jump to the ground from the balcony “Same to you, Tayrn.” She replied. Ronais smiled slightly and walked to the door that led to her chambers.


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