Reincarnatio Part 3: To Save a Kingdom

Alright, my dear Reader. I leave you waiting no more. I believe you are eager to discover what’s going on with the monsters? I am, too. Let’s read on, then, and don’t forget to tell me what you think, yeah? Reincarnatio Part 3: To Save a Kingdom. Enjoy!

Samlin rushed down the ivory halls of the castle, his breathing heavy and his heart beat quick in his chest. He was still wearing his riding clothes and had his sword sheathed at his hip. Doors passed by him, but he hardly noticed. He had one goal in mind; he had to see Manicask. He was Samlin’s teacher, and the wisest man in the kingdom. If he couldn’t tell Samlin what the monster was, then no one could.

The castle’s library door was down the hall, and Samlin was impatient to reach it. He quickened his pace and began jogging until he eventually began to run. The library’s door was open and Samlin ran through it and into the library, stopping in front of Manicask’s desk, where he sat reading over his latest research project.
“Samlin, what is the matter?” Manicask asked, setting aside his book and pulling off his glasses. Samlin bent over in front of Manicask’s desk, panting.

“Our ride today…mine and Milsen’s…we were chased out of the…the forest by a…a thing…a monster…” Samlin said between breaths.

“A monster?” Manicask asked, looking at Samlin. A worried expression spread across his face, mixing with curiosity. “What did this creature look like?” He asked.

Samlin shook his head and stood up. “It had the body of a lion and the head of a large wolf.” he said.
“And the flesh? The teeth and claws?” Samlin shook his head. “Tell me, child.” Manicask said, folding his hands on his desk.
“It had large teeth, so large that it’s mouth couldn’t shut. The claws were huge, too, and its flesh was rotting. The eyes, too Manicask…they glowed…red.” Samlin said, slightly shivering.
Manicask’s face fell, fear shining in his eyes. “My boy, the creature you have described is a Kufata…they are creatures of legend. It is said that they are made of darkness, which is why they cannot touch the light. Only the Peura Menta, or pure of heart, can kill them…though it is said that all of the Peura Menta died of thousands of years ago.”

“Why have these…Kufata…emerged again, then?” Samlin asked, running a hand through his hair. “Has someone called them out?” he asked.
Manicask shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know for sure, but that is really the only plausible explanation. They feed on darkness and evil. I have felt a great evil growing in these lands for a while now, but I wasn’t sure. This proves my suspicions, however. These beasts are being created by the Great Evil that is ravishing the land, and it must be stopped.”

“How do we stop it?” Samlin asked.

“We need Peura Menta, but they are all gone.” Manicask sat down in his chair, tapped the book he had been reading, and closed his eyes. “There is one…she lives at the bottom of Mount Wani. Lady Raz, she is called. She may be able to help.”
“I’ll go to her.” Samlin said, standing up straighter and resting a hand on his sword.
“No, Samlin. It’s too dangerous. I will call for a handful of trusted soldiers to go and retrieve Lady Raz and bring her here.” Manicask said.
“But, Manicask, I’m grown. I can do this.” Samlin said, putting his hands on the desk and leaning forward towards Manicask.
“No, Samlin, and that is final. You have no option in this matter. I will collect the men and have them sent off at the first light of day.” With that, Manicask pulled his book to him and replaced his glasses. His long white hair fell down around him, covering his shoulders and resting on the desk.

Samlin’s jaw tightened, but his appearance remained calm. He turned and left the library. I’ll go. He thought to himself as he walked back down the hall. I’ll go and save my kingdom, and no one can stop me. Not even you, Manicask.


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