Reincaratio Part 10: When Duty Calls

Yet again I have disappeared and resurfaced…but I come bearing gifts! Reincarnatio Part 10: When Duty Calls

She doesn’t, and she won’t.” Tayrn said, leading the sidmuens out from the forest.

“Who are you?” Samlin asked as the soldiers behind him drew their swords yet again.

“That’s hardly any of your business.” Tayrn said. He looked to Ronais, then to the dead monster near her feet. “We’re leaving now. Let’s go.” Ronais re-sheathed her sword.

Samlin stepped forward, “You don’t understand. Those things they’re…they’re called Kufata. They’ve taken over the Northern forest.” Samlin ran a hand through his hair. “They can only be killed by…special…people. People like you, Ronais. You have to come with us. To save everyone…we have to travel to Mount Wani and see the Witch of the Mountain, Lady Ranas. We need to find a way to kill the Kufata and keep all of the kingdoms safe. They’ll move from our forests to others, and eventually into the villages, killing everyone. Please, as a Prince I have a duty to protect the elven people, and I need your help to do that. Please.” Samlin begged.

Ronais looked down at the Kufata. It stunk of rotting flesh and blood. She nodded. “I am Princess Ronais of the Western Kingdom of the Four Elven Kingdoms. I understand your duties, for I have the same. I will agree to go with you. However, I don’t have any clothes or supplies with me. Would you mind waiting for me to travel back to my castle and retrieve traveling supplies?”

Samlin nodded. “Of course. We will wait here until just before sundown, and if you are not back by then, we will move on.”

Ronais nodded and began walking towards Tayrn and the sidmuens. “This is a bad idea.” Tayrn whispered.

“I don’t care.” Ronais said as she grabbed her sidmuen’s reigns from Tayrn. She jumped into her saddle and waited as Tayrn climbed into his. They turned and headed off into the forest, back towards the castle.

They rode in silence for a while. “Ronais, I really think that you should reconsider.” Tayrn said, breaking the uncomfortable silence that had been lingering since they left the men in the clearing.

“Keep those thoughts to yourself, Tayrn.” Ronais said.

“Why are you even doing this?” Tayrn asked, edging his sidmuen closer to Ronais’.

“Because…I don’t know. I feel like there’s something just…pulling me towards Mount Wani. Some sort of…tie.” Ronais replied.

“That seems-” A shriek came from the field.

“It’s one of those things.” Ronais said, turning her sidmuen around.

“Ronais, leave them.” Tayrn said, grabbing her arm.

Ronais looked at Tayrn, the fierce glow back in her eyes. “I can’t.” She said, and pulled free from Tayrn’s grip. She kicked her sidmuen into a run and headed towards the sound of swords and beasts.