Reincarnatio Part 6: Screams in the Darkness

So, why is everyone going to sleep? Well, dear Reader, even our characters need sleep too. So they sleep, and we watch the world while they do. We are their eyes while they sleep. I mean, it’s the least we can do for them, right? Well, let’s see how our Reincarnatio is doing now, yes? Here you go, friend; Reincarnatio Part 6: Screams in the Darkness.

A cold breeze chilled the entire city to its bones and made two girls walking the city streets shiver.


I should have brought my jacket…” Belén muttered, hugging herself and rubbing her arms to help warm her up. “Yeah, a jacket would be nice. Well damn it.” She muttered again. Belén picked up her pace in order to arrive at her destination and be rid of the cold.
Belén, dressed to show off her body in a plain white spaghetti strap and jeans, examined the damage done by the wind to her short red hair in a shop window. “Well, it could be better.” She said to herself, looking into her light brown eyes and frowning. The freckles stood out in contrast to her hair, and the red-head hated it. “Should have worn a hat…but what good would that have done.” She frowned and walked on.


The same breeze made Rochelle shiver and push her hands deeper into her jacket pocket. “Ooh, that was a good one.” She said, smiling. “Good thing I wore my jacket!” She laughed. The girl would be a sight for sore eyes, if she wasn’t trying to hide her body with a jacket three sizes too big with the hood pulled up to hide her light brown hair and kind blue-green eyes. Her jeans seemed to be the only thing she wore that fit, but even those were partially hidden beneath the oversized jacket.
Rochelle stopped and pulled a hand out of her pocket and examined it. Inside was a small knife with a golden design of a tiger on the handle that she had bought seconds ago at the pawn shop. “What a stupid thing to waste money on…” she whispered and continued walking.


A scream bounced off the buildings of the city, and made its way to the girl’s ears. Both girls lifted their heads and their eyes revealed a fierce glow. They ran from opposite sides of the city towards the scream, not knowing what they’d find or what they planned to do. They were drawn towards the scream as their pure hearts beat loudly.