And here comes Part 2!

You’re going to be meeting some very interesting characters today, my friend. Are you ready for this one? Because I certainly am.

This is Part 2 of our friend Reincarnatio and I’m really excited for you to read it. I know it’s different characters, but I promise it’s the same story.

Alright,brief sayings here: I said before that this would be weekly, but I figure I might start at a faster pace so as not to bore you.

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Now, I won’t give anything away about this one. The fun is in the reading and discovering. So, meet our new characters, Reader, and drink in the story.

Hurry up, Samlin! The river’s just up ahead! Can’t you go any faster?” A young elf boy yelled from the saddle of a bright white creature that loosely resembled an elk. A muscular teenage elf rode towards the young boy on a creature of his own, his short brown hair blowing back in the wind created from his speed. His icy blue eyes were focused on the young elf as he urged his creature forward.

He came up to the side of the young boy and pulled back on his creature’s reigns to stop, sending a cloud of dust and leaves into the air. “You only beat me because you left before I was even on my sidmuen.” Samlin said, reaching up to run a hand through his hair.

“Make all the excuses you want, I still beat you.” The young elf said, laughing.

Samlin nudged his sidmuen closer to the boy’s and playfully shoved him. “How about the first one to the stream gets cake from the kitchen when we get back? No cheating this time, though, Milsen!”

“You’re on!” Milsen replied, kicking his sidmuen and urging the elegant white beast forward.

Samlin laughed and followed Milsen, racing through the trees on his sidmuen. The trees seemed to fly by in a blur, and a smile spread across Samlin’s face as the wind brushed his golden-brown hair out of his face.

“Who’s slow now?” He called out to Milsen as he passed him, the stream growing closer and closer as Samlin nudged his sidmuen to go faster. After a few more minutes of riding, the stream finally appeared at Samlin’s feet, and he reigned in his sidmuen. Samlin drew his legs over the beast’s back and slid clumsily to the ground.

Milsen burst out of the trees, and jumped off of his sidmuen as it was trotting towards Samlin. Milsen landed with a dull thud and started walking towards Samlin. “You cheated!” He yelled.

“No I didn’t, Milsen. I was just faster than you.” Samlin said, leading his sidmuen to the sparkling stream to drink.

“Not earlier! You were slower! What did you do? How are you faster now?” Milsen asked, leading his own sidmuen to the stream.

“It’s a secret, Milsen. Maybe if you ask Sandon here, she’ll tell you.” Samlin replied, patting his sidmuen’s white side.

“That’s not fair, Samlin! Come on! Tell me!” Milsen said.

Samlin laughed and shook his head. “Alright, little brother, I’ll tell you after we get back and you sneak into the kitchen to get me my cake. How does that sound?”

“Yes! Let’s go!” Milsen said, pulling himself eagerly onto his drinking sidmuen’s back. His brown hair was blown back by the wind and a smile lit up his face and striking green eyes. “Hurry up, Samlin. Get on Sandon and let’s go!”

Samlin motioned towards the lush green forest that surrounded him and Milsen. “We just got here, don’t you think we could rest a little while and enjoy the scenery?” Samlin asked. A sudden screech echoed through the woods, carried by the blowing wind. Samlin froze and looked up at Milsen. All of his breath left his lungs as if trying to run from the blood-curling noise. “We need to leave. Now.” Samlin called to Milsen.

Milsen gripped his reins tightly, his knuckles turning white. “What was that?” he asked. Samlin nodded towards the woods where he and Milsen had just come from. Milsen turned his sidmuen towards the path, and looked back at Samlin. Leaves rustled in the breeze and everything grew silent. Samlin reached for his sword, which hung in its sheath at his hip. His fingers tightly gripped the sword’s hilt. A screech bounced violently through the trees again, and Samlin pulled out his sword, holding it in front of him. Milsen watched Samlin, waiting for the okay to leave the horrible woods.

The shrill cry grew deeper, and was joined by a second higher pitched sound. A scream erupted from the trees, and Samlin’s eyes started pooling with tears of fear. Don’t be a baby, Samlin. He said to himself. The scream died off with a gurgling, and Samlin’s heart jumped into his throat. Forget this. Just leave. I can’t be a hero. Samlin ran over to his sidmuen and jumped onto her back, digging his heels tightly into her sides and urging her forward into the now-ominous woods. He sped behind Milsen through the trees, their branches clawing at him, creating cuts on his face and arms. An inhuman shriek erupted behind them, and Samlin’s heart beat faster in his chest.

The castle loomed over the treetops and Samlin could see the break in the trees. He kicked his sidmuen into a faster pace, tears flying from his eyes into the air behind him. He heard panting and the thud of heavy footsteps running behind him. Don’t look back, don’t look back… Samlin repeated to himself. His head turned, and he saw the thing chasing him and Milsen, and the thing that had let out the screech and shriek that had chilled Samlin to the bone.
Samlin’s heart stopped. The thing chasing him and Milsen was a monster. It’s eyes were red and blood shot, and it’s mouth was filled with teeth so long and sharp that it couldn’t fully close, causing blood and saliva to drip off of them and fly behind it, matting into it’s spots of fur and flesh. It had the body of a lion, torn apart by some inward force. The skin was rotting, causing the smell of dead flesh to fill Samlin’s nose. Blood oozed from it’s eyes and mouth, assuring that it was alive despite the rot. Random blotches of fur spotted it’s body and head, falling off as it ran, floating and swirling in the wind.

It snarled at Samlin and snapped it’s deadly teeth at the rear legs of his sidmuen. Samlin turned forward, and kicked his sidmuen’s sides, again urging her to go faster. He passed through the break in the trees and the sunlight warmed him and bathed him in light. The creature shrieked at Samlin. He looked back and saw the monster at the edge of the woods, calling to him with screams of anger. “It can’t go into the light…” Samlin whispered, stopping his sidmuen and turning to face the monster stuck in the dark. It threw its body against the trees and dug at the ground with claws almost as ferocious as its teeth. An ominous howl escaped its lips and Samlin shuddered. He turned back towards the castle and to Milsen, who was sitting on his sidmuen a feet few ahead of Samlin, watching the beast with wide eyes. “Let’s get back to the castle.” Samlin said, walking his sidmuen towards the large marble tower that reached towards the sky, gleaming in the sun. Milsen slowly nodded and followed Samlin towards the castle.