Reincarnatio Part 8; Forest Journies

And we’re back! Let’s move on so you can read about these ‘Forest Journies’, yes? Here you are: Reincarnatio Part 8; Forest Journies.

Ronais quickly dressed herself in her dark green riding clothes and boots, and left her room. “Come on, Sirnet! We’re going to be late!” She said, walking down the castle’s twisting marble staircase. Sirnet barked and raced down the stairs. He was waiting for Ronais at the bottom, wagging his tail “Yeah, you only won because you’re a wolf. That wasn’t even a real race, you dork.” Ronais said, petting Sirnet’s head.
Ronais walked out into the castle’s green courtyard and towards the stables that rested on the other side. “I’m excited.” Ronais said to Sirnet, a slight smile on her face. Sirnet barked and jumped around her as she walked towards the sidmuen stables. “I know, I feel like I haven’t been riding in a while, either.”

As they entered the stables, Tayrn stood leaning against a stall, both his and Ronais’ sidmuen saddled and ready for their ride. “Tayrn, you got everything ready?” Ronais asked.

Tayrn pushed himself up off the wall and smiled at Ronais “Of course. Have you brought everything you need?” He asked.

“Yes. I always do.” she replied, lifting herself into the saddle of her sidmuen. She turned the animal towards the exit of the stable and burst forward. Tayrn smiled and jumped onto his own sidmuen. He raced after Ronais and Sirnet as they sped out into the forest.


Samlin watched as the sun rose over Mount Wani. Hagin and his fellow soldiers were riding ahead of him, and he was glad. He had taken control and left with them. I told you that you couldn’t stop me, Manicask, and look where I am now. Riding with the soldiers. He thought. There was three days of riding ahead of them, and one day until they reached the Western Kingdom’s forest, where the Kufata hadn’t entirely taken control yet. Samlin was eager to reach Lady Raz and learn more about stopping the Great Evil’s plague. He rode forward, the hours moving quickly along as they neared the Western Kingdom’s forest and finally entered the woods with no incident.



Reincarnatio Part 4: Soldiers

Well, here is your Part 4, my dear Reader. I’m sorry it took so long, but I’ve recently been hired and have been busy, but I have taken time for you, don’t worry. I hope you didn’t miss me and Reincarnatio too much(; Well, without further ado, I give you Reincarnatio Part 4: Soldiers

A short while later a knock sounded on Samlin’s door. “Enter” he said. The chamber door opened and a muscular guard stood behind it.

“Your Highness, your presence is requested in the courtyard.” The guard said.

Samlin nodded and stood. “Then let us be on our way.”

As they arrived at the courtyard, Samlin noticed Manicask, who stood in front of a handful of soldiers.

“These are the strongest, fastest and most fearless men in our army.” Manicask said, motioning to the thirty men that stood at attention in front of him and Samlin.

Samlin looked at them questioningly “Who will lead them?” he asked.
Manicask pointed to a well-built elf with brown hair and a body covered in scars.“Him.” He said, “He has fought the beasts before, although he cannot kill them. He knows how they work and how to bring them down.” Manicask said approvingly.

Samlin nodded and walked towards the soldier. “What are you called?” he asked.

“Hagin, sir!” the soldier replied, saluting.

“Hagin, I see.” Samlin nodded, “And everything that Manicask has told me about you is true?” he asked.

“Yes, sir!” Hagin replied, still saluting.
“You needn’t salute me any longer, soldier. Thank you.” Samlin turned back to Manicask. “Alright, these are the men we will send. Upon sending these men out into the woods, we are taking their lives into our hands, Manicask. Any man that doesn’t return with a beating heart, we will give a fitting burial, and compensation shall be sent to their remaining family. Understood?” Manicask nodded and Samlin, satisfied with Manicask’s affirmation, turned and left the soldiers and Manicask in the courtyard.

Samlin’s personal guard followed him out. “I need you to do something for me, Chasil” Samlin said to his guard.

“What is that?” Chasil asked.

Samlin stopped walking and turned to Chasil. “I need Hagin to come to my chamber as soon as possible, and I do mean as soon as possible.”

Chasil bowed. “I understand, Your Highness.” He turned and walked back towards the courtyard.

“Chasil!” Samlin called. Chasil turned back to Samlin. “Don’t let Manicask know what you’re doing.” Chasil nodded and turned down the hall to the courtyard.

Samlin continued towards his room. The sun began setting, and it wouldn’t be long before darkness engulfed the kingdom. Before he entered his chambers, the sound of footsteps echoed through the hall. Chasil and the soldier Hagin walked towards Samlin. Samlin smiled and nodded to the duo. “Please, come in.” He said, opening his door.

He walked through followed by Hagin and Chasil. “Now, I must tell you something of importance.” Samlin said to Hagin.

Hagin nodded “Of course, Your Highness.” he replied.

“I will accompany you when you leave for Lady Ranas’s hut. However, Manicask mustn’t know. Not one word to him. Understood?” Samlin said.

The soldier Hagin looked at Samlin. “Understood, Your Highness. We leave at the first light of day tomorrow morning. We will meet at the sidmuen stables.”

Samlin nodded. “Very well then, I best get my rest.” He replied.

Hagin and Chasil left his chambers and Samlin changed into his sleeping clothes. He jumped onto his bed and lay with his face in the pillows. His heart pounded hard in his chest, and a smile was large on his face as he turned his head to rest his cheek on the pillow. “Tomorrow…” he whispered to himself as he slowly fell asleep.